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Boost Your Sexual Performance Today with the PHGH Supplement

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Very few things make a man as confident as when he knows that his sex performance is impeccable. The idea that you are always ready and to be able to hold on during intercourse until you help your woman cross the line first is something to be proud of. Good sexual performance not only makes you happy as a man but studies have shown that it can actually help to save most failing marriages that are having intimacy issues. That’s why it is troubling to men out there with problems that bar them from their optimal performance. It’s a problem faced by millions and most times it’s due to cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure, lack of strength, cholesterol imbalance and even lack of desire for intercourse! If you are among the people undergoing such problems, then all hope is not lost for you thanks to PHGH. 

This is not your regular erection pill. Most sex enhancing pills are usually filled with chemicals all focused on giving you an erection without taking care of other factors. For instance, some are known for improving your sex drive, but that is often fleeting, and afterwards you are back to your troubling default settings. With Lawrence Supplement products, you will not only get an erection, but it will also come with more desire by fixing faults within your sexual function.
What this means is that you can have as many rounds of sex as you desire, all of which will be insanely good! All this can be attributed to the fantastic research work that came up with a perfect blend of several key ingredients. 


If you know anything about male reproductive health then reading a review of the ingredients making up PHGH will immediately help you to understand why it has been a success. Manufacturers of PHGH have utilized knowledge gathered for centuries about the
efficacy of ancient herbs. They then went further to study how these independent herbs can be blended to come up with a hybrid product that tackles all possible issues standing between you and your lady’s next orgasm. The results were simply magnificent! 

The supplement boosts erections significantly. The herbs can function as vasodilators where they widen blood vessels enabling better blood flow. This results in a stronger and healthier erection that we all need during intercourse. Furthermore, the supplement has been useful in reducing the recovery time required after sex. That’s why as we pointed out earlier, this can increase the number of sessions you have in a row. The ingredients powering this include: 

1. Arginine

Arginine is an amino-acid whose consumption increases the amount of nitric acid in the blood.
Nitric acid is essential for the reproductive system mainly because of its ability to relax blood vessels. Relaxed vessels facilitate smoother flow of blood resulting in harder erections. 

2. Tribulus Terrestris 

Tribulus Terrestris is a potent herb commonly found in Europe, Southern Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is known to have an aphrodisiac effect mainly because it stimulates increased production of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone boost a man’s sexual drive which will ensure you’re always ready when called upon! 

Further studies have also pointed out that this herb is capable of protecting heart cells which is
crucial for your cardiovascular health. 

3. Tongkat Ali 

The herb Tongkat Ali has been used for decades to boost sexual performance. It improves the production of testosterone and dopamine in the brain, thus increasing one’s libido. 

4. Maca

The presence of Maca in this supplement is essential, especially for couples who are trying to have a baby. Maca will improve your desire and then go further to increase your sperm count. 

5. Epimedium

Finally, we have Epimedium herb, also known as horny goat weed, originating from ancient China. It helps Arginine in the opening of blood vessels for a harder penis. 


The above ingredients are one of the critical reasons for the success of PHGH. The supplement
developed by John Lawrence, a renowned porn star, has been tested and proven to be excellent in getting the job done. Think about it. With the amount of pressure that a male porn star has he’s definitely in the best position to generate the perfect product for solving a man’s sexual problems. You no longer have to live with the continuous fear and uncertainty of your performance in bed. Give PHGH a shot today, and you will wish you had known about it sooner. 

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