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Cracking the blends in Vital Reds- the perfect metabolism booster

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Weight management has caused many headaches and tears among many people. However, these pains may be a thing of the past thanks to the ultimate metabolism booster, Vital Reds. This supplement is your one-stop supplement whether you are a weight watcher or not.  

The polyphenol supplement is a product by Dr. Gundry, a renowned heart surgeon. While at Loma Linda University, he met an obese patient who was dramatically affected and no medical advice seemed to help his health improve. This man trusted that his overweight condition was reversible through serious dietary changes. Immense weight loss followed serious research on the abilities and effects of certain nutrients on your health. Dr. Gundry found this reversal of health remarkable and has since dedicated his career to helping others with such health conditions. Even Dr. Gundry himself changed his life by adhering to these strict dietary changes and lost 70 pounds in a year. 

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Research has it that this supplement, Vital Reds, has been beneficial to individuals on a weight loss journey. The ingredients in Vital Reds are responsible for boosting metabolism. The blend contains: black pepper fruit, cinnamon bark extract, green tea leaf extract, ginger root, turmeric rhizome extract, white tea leaf extract and bitter melon fruit extract.  

Below is an overview of how these magic metabolic boosting ingredients work to ensure that you remain healthy.  

Cinnamon bark extract: Research done in 2017 confirmed that orally consuming cinnamon supplements for 16 weeks brought about improvement in blood sugar level, a reduction in body max index (BMI) and a rather smaller waist.  

Ginger root: Ginger root suppresses food cravings and instead promotes satiety, always feeling full. This prevents overeating and buildup of calories.  

Green tea leaf extract: Frequently consuming green tea reduces weight by emulsifying fat that is not used in your body. In addition, your blood pressure levels are raised to the right levels, your waist size reduces and your body max index lowers. This is from a study done in 2013.  

White tea leaf extract: Expansion of fat cells causes you to gain weight. Consuming white tea leaf extract prevents these cells from growing, which helps keep your weight in check.  

Turmeric rhizome extract: Weight gain can be aggravated by inflammation. The turmeric rhizome lowers inflammation levels and is a step to weight loss. Frequently consuming it in tea or food speeds up metabolism.  

Bitter melon fruit extract: The Eastern parts of the world appreciate the miraculous works of this sour fruit. As an ancient practice in the East, Westerners are giving it a trial too. Why? Bitter melon fruit has been shown to boost weight loss and maintain the right blood sugar levels. 

Black pepper fruit: black pepper is mostly found and consumed in its powder form as a seasoning for food, soups, broths, stew, or vegetable salads. A study in 2012 discovered that individuals who often consume black pepper remain in good weight and shape. Black pepper inhibits production of fat cells.  

Fortunately, most if not all of these ingredients can easily be found. You can grow them in your kitchen garden or purchase from your healthy grocery stores. Even better, Vital Reds can save you from this hustle. Consuming all these ingredients in powdered form combined as a supplement makes your life so much easier (and healthier). Vital Reds saves you time, storage space and cost of purchasing single ingredients. You only scoop a tablespoonful and stir in a glass of clean water. Sip, sip and keep sipping.  

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Speeding up metabolism is the major function of this polyphenol supplement. However, other ingredients in this blend serve other key functions that keep you healthier than before.  

Polyphenol blend: This blend is responsible for promoting energy levels and a healthy heart, thanks to the 34 super fruits in it.  

Digestive support blend: Five different probiotics maintain the effectiveness of the entire digestive system.  

Vitamin and mineral blend: Vitamin B in 8 different forms together with minerals increase your energy levels and maintains good health of various body functions.  

Take Caution  

The current market is flooded with supplements that boost weight loss-some are authentic others counterfeit-do not be deceived. You wouldn’t want to think of the terrible side effects of consuming some of these boosters.  

100% natural, Vital Reds has had no negative side effects reported after use. All the contents are safe for your health. The super fruits in large numbers and food sourced ingredients pose no risk after consumption. Purchasing it means you get value for every coin you spend. A 90-day guarantee is given upon purchasing this supplement in case it doesn’t appeal to you. But be sure you got the real thing to help you burn those calories.

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