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Do You Have Low Sex Drive? Gut Problems May be The Cause

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If you are suffering from low libido, gut issues could be the culprit. The condition of your digestive system influences your overall health in a big way. Your sex life is perhaps one of the most critical aspects in life. In this regard, there is need to know the real connection between gut health and low libido; to avoid the pitfalls. Constipation, gas and acid reflux are some of the most common indicators of a problematic gut. This goes to show that the gut flora is out of balance. This article shows you how a healthy gut can create a conducive environment for an explosive sex life.


How the gut influences your libido

It is worth noting that the gut is located very close to the sexual organs. To this end, there is a direct influence to the sex organs from the gut. Bacteria in the gut will mostly aid digestion. However, the bacteria play an extra role to produce enzymes, hormones and others. One of the most important elements produced by the gut microbiome is a neurotransmitter called serotonin. This neurotransmitter which is also a hormone is responsible for happy moods and in this regard, it has been referred to as a ‘feel good’ hormone. Most of this hormone, up to 90% is created or produced in the gut as alluded to above. Without serotonin, your sex drive is virtually non-existent.

If your gut produces a low amount of serotonin, you will also suffer from low sex drive. Apart from enhancing the mood, this vital hormone is responsible for increased blood flow into the genital area. A good level of blood flow to sexual organs will help attain and promote orgasm. This is especially so in women. As a result, nerve stimulation for better genital muscle contraction is attained. For this reason, all women should seek to have their gut working optimally; the merits are clearly worthwhile.


Intestinal permeability or leaky gut

A leaky gut means that your intestinal wall is damaged and hence becomes permeable. Therefore, materials that are not supposed to enter the bloodstream will find their way there, triggering inflammation. The immune system reaction will cause allergies and a host of other problems. With a leaky gut, the intestinal wall may be damaged in a way that the bacteria are not able to produce the right hormones and enzymes. In this respect, the production of serotonin will be compromised leading to low sex drive. This ripple effect is very common although many people may not be aware.

Causes of leaky gut include among others; the use of medicines like Aspirin and Acetaminophen. The irritation drives the gut crazy and intestinal permeability becomes a reality. Eating healthy may prevent and reverse the problem. Fish, olive oil and whole meals can all be used in a healthy diet, that aids the healing of a leaky gut. Avoid the drugs mentioned above as much as possible to keep your gut in top shape.


Use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are many times used to get rid of bacterial infections. However, in the process, good bacteria are also eradicated and this means that the production of serotonin is compromised. Your sex drive after using a course of antibiotics may be greatly reduced. If you have to use antibiotics, it is good to follow a given dose not to overuse or abuse them. Keep in mind that antibiotic use can give rise to the increased production of pathogenic bacteria. While on this medication, observe a very healthy diet so that you are able to boost the gut flora for better health.

If you want to boost your sex drive, there is every reason to guard your gut accordingly. As highlighted above, avoid things that will harm the gut balance. In addition, you have to eat food that will promote gut health for increased production of serotonin. If you feel like your sex drive could be better, try looking at your gut health and add things that will promote wellness in this regard. You can also look into supplements that will seek to eradicate gut imbalance for a better you. Therefore, before you look into other causes of low libido, make sure that your gut is taken care of. The good news is that a healthy gut will promote not just your sex life but your overall health as well.

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