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The Perfect Winter Giveaway ($995 Value!)

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Right now you probably feel like this.


And wish you felt more like this.


And while we can’t bring you the beach, we do have a giveaway that’ll bring you glorious warmth and light — and serious health benefits. Say hello to winter’s best giveaway: The Joovv Light!

What You Need to Know About the Joovv Light

Studied by NASA and approved by the FDA, red and near infrared light therapy promotes healthy cellular function — helping you look younger, heal faster, and feel better. Utilizing the latest LED technology, the Joovv Light ($995) delivers medical-grade power with clinically-proven wavelengths of light. Used by professional athletes and world-renowned performers across the world, the the Joovv Light is conveniently designed to fit on any door — allowing you to experience the amazing benefits of light therapy for your entire body in just a few minutes per day! And we are so, so, SO psyched to be giving one away to a lucky reader!

How to Enter to Win the Joovv Light

For this one, all we want to know is why you’re psyched to win this. Tell us in a comment, and we’ll randomly select a U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and via email (heads up: the winner will need to complete a W9 because the value is so amazingly high for this giveaway). Want a bonus entry? Tell a friend about this giveaway or post the link on your social media, and then leave a second comment with what you did! Because, yep, the best things are worth sharing — and this is worth sharing!

We can’t say thanks enough to Joovv enough for this generous giveaway! —Jenn

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